Ways to install app for jailbroken iOS

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To install Arkyver on your iPhone, you have to jailbreak it. It's legal, easy, and free!

Guid 1

1. Open Cydia application on your iPhone.

Guid 2

2. Go to "Manage" tab, click "Sources".

Guid 3

3. Arkyver requires Mobile Substrate utility. If it is already installed, go to step 8 of the manual. If it is'n installed or you don't know, select "Cydia" repository from the list.

Guid 4

4. Find Modile Substrate in the list. If item is checked on, Mobile Substrate is installed and you may go to step 8 of the manual. If not, select this item.

Guid 5

5. Click "Install".

Guid 6

6. Click "Confirm" to start installation.

Guid 7

7. After installation is complete, press "Return to Cydia". Now that the Mobile Substrate is installed, please go back to Sources screen.

Guid 8

8. On the Sources screen, click "Edit".

Guid 9

9. Click "Add".

Guid 10

10. Enter the Arkyver repository address "http://arkyver.com/cydiarepo" to the text field and touch "Add Source".

Guid 11

11. After the address is checked, a new repository - LNA Corp. will be available. Touch it to open it.

Guid 12

12. Now Arkyver is available to download. Select the Arkyver app from the list.

Guid 13

13. To start installing, touch "Install".

Guid 14

14. Touch "Confirm" button to start installation.

Guid 15

15. After installation, press "Restart SpringBoard".

Guid 16

Now Arkyver is installed on your iPhone.
Nice to use!

Arkyver requires Mobile Substrate utility. If it isn't installed or you don't know, please go to steps 1.3 - 1.7 from Way 1 - Phone Online first.

1. Download Arkyver installation package for iPhone from our website.
2. Download and install any iPhone file manager to your PC or MAC (i.e. i-Funbox) if you haven't got one.
3. Plug your iPhone into your computer. File manager will automatically detect it.
4. If you use i-Funbox: open tab "Cydia App Install", click “Copy from PC”. Then select a downloaded file "Arkyver.deb". For other iPhone file managers: copy Arkyver.deb to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall directory of your iPhone (create it if it does not exist).

Guid 17

Guid 18

5. Restart your iPhone.

Now Arkyver is installed on your iPhone.

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