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CANTON, MASSACHUSETTS - LNA Corporation announced the release of Arkyver

CANTON, MASSACHUSETTS - LNA Corporation announced the release of Arkyver, the first mobile device application that automatically captures and permanently stores phone conversations and text messages. Arkyver is a free, downloadable app that allows subscribers to create a personal archive of digital data--primarily both sides of phone conversations that are placed from or received on the device with the app and two-way text messages. The Arkyver app automatically places the calls and messages on a personalized, secure webpage with key information such as date and time of the communication. By using this app users never have to worry about losing important messages due to data limits or a lost or stolen phone or tablet. People can easily store every text message sent and received in their own archive that’s permanently and securely maintained on our servers. Arkyver’s auto-capture technology means users can focus on their conversations without having to take notes or rely just on memory. This capability creates a unique safety factor when subscribers are driving as well as providing an infallible reference for dispute resolution and important information. The app is free to download at arkyver.com and is compatible with most Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets.

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29 December 2014
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