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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send data from my phone?
Who will have access to my data after sharing?
Why don’t I receive the recording of the call?
How can I move a device from one archive to another?
What is placed in the default archive?
How can I be notified of a new call or SMS logs?
What is sharing? What information can I show to other users? How can I hide shared information?
What is publishing? Where can I publish my call or SMS? Who can comment on my call or SMS?
How can I display my data in Twitter or Facebook?
What time is displayed in my calls and how can I change it?
How can I restore my account after deregistration?
Can I change my e-mail used for logging in?
Where can I see the settings for the post?
How to install the application?
How can I stop sending data on my phone?
Can I delete the unsent data on my device?
How can I add a new device? How can I monitor 2 or more devices?
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